The Stench of Climate Change Denial – The New York Times

Di il 29 Maggio, 2024
This may sound a bit weird, but when I think about my adolescent years, I sometimes associate them with the faint smell of sewage

“The emerging sewage crisis is only one of many disasters we can expect as the planet continues to warm, and nowhere near the top of the list. But it seems to me to offer an especially graphic illustration of two points. First, the damage from climate change is likely to be more severe than even pessimists have tended to believe. Second, mitigation and adjustment — which are going to be necessary, because we’d still be headed for major effects of climate change even if we took immediate action to greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions — will probably be far more difficult, as a political matter, than it should be.”

Fonte: The New York Times

Autore: Paul Krugman

Link: The Stench of Climate Change Denial

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