Immigration is surging, with big economic consequences – The Economist

Di il 01 Maggio, 2024
The West faces an unprecedented number of new arrivals

“If the fiscal impact is positive, it will not be felt unless the government invests accordingly. A windfall is no good if public services are allowed to deteriorate anyway, as they have been in Britain, where the government is desperately cutting taxes ahead of an election. Similarly, if regulations stop infrastructure from expanding to accommodate the arrivals, the migration wave risks provoking a backlash. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the case of housing, where supply is strictly curtailed by excessive regulation in many of the same places now experiencing a migration surge. Migrants, like natives, need places to live, which increases the imperative to build. Welcoming new arrivals means a lot more than just letting them in.” 

Fonte: The Economist

Link: Immigration is surging, with big economic consequences

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