Harvard Should Say Less. Maybe All Schools Should. – The New York Times

Di il 02 Giugno, 2024
Last fall, Harvard University’s leadership found itself at the center of a highly public, highly charged fight about taking an official institutional position in connection with the Oct. 7 Hamas attack on Israel and the war in Gaza

“In brief, the report says that university leaders can and should speak out publicly to promote and protect the core function of the university, which is to create an environment suitable for pursuing truth through research, scholarship and teaching. If, for example, Donald Trump presses forward with his announced plan to take “billions and billions of dollars” from large university endowments to create an “American Academy” — a free, online school that would provide an “alternative” to current institutions — Harvard’s leadership can and should express its objections to this terrible idea.”

Fonte: The New York Times

Autore: Noah Feldman and Alison Simmons

Link: Harvard Should Say Less. Maybe All Schools Should.

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